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Native style: meaning in the moccasins.

There is a lot of history between the indigenous and black communities. I am a humble costume designer, my life is about images and deciphering the past and looking for the clues in clothing. 

There is little info about this photograph, It has been speculated that the little black girl was a captive or an orphan. The important detail that draws my attention are her beaded moccasins. 

In Native America items like that take hours and hours to make. From the hunting and tanning of the animal hides, to the collecting and trading of the beads and embellishment a lot of time, care and ceremony goes into such work. 

Even today when special items are needed, a friend or family member will make such things out of pure love and devotion. The items become a reflection of the makers love and how they see the person who will eventually receive the gift.  

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